about samsara

isak is stuck within something i call "the lamest version of samsara imaginable", where everytime he dies, he is reincarnated into a slightly different version of himself. and i mean slightly. this is what all of the different versions or "AUs" of isak are. all the different versions are happening in parallel, isak as a conciousness just goes through them linearly. occasionally he will experience "parallel memories" where another version of him and his current version swap a dream like memory of what the other is doing. if that makes any sense. he has hazy memories of being a cat is what i'm trying to say. which version he gets reborn as is random. he has memories of what he, as a conciousness, has experienced. not like it does him any good. he just convinces himself "well [x terrible thing] can't POSSIBLY happen again!" (it does.) versions that i know for a fact exist include

- version where everything is the same except everyone is a furry
- version where skit and vincent got some weird co-dependant incest shit going on. like coffin of andy and leyley toxic incest situation. and isak is just there. this one's pretty funny.
- version where he is in america. this one is also really funny.
- version where is No Longer Mentally Ill which lasts maybe a week before he is hit by a bus.
- version where he has a gun
- there's actually 2 where he has a gun you have a choice between a shotgun or a pistol
- version where he goes on the great pottery throwdown with zero pottery knowledge (the gay pottery breakdown)
- version where he is a transfemme lesbian and gets with skit instead of vincent (worst timeline)
- version where he is isekai'd into medieval europe. AND he doesn't have his glasses.
- version where he gets isekai'd into medieval europe. but everyone is also a furry. and he still doesn't have his glasses.

oh fuck me i mentioned medieval europe now we gotta talk about medieval europe

about medieval europe

so in this world, magic is real. it just is magic and dragons and all that high fantasy shit is real it existed in the medieval times. but similar to how people kept discovering and forgetting the cure to scurvy, everyone just, forgot how to use magic. elves and dwarves and all that are like, different versions of people that just don't exist anymore. all those fantasy monsters are the same as any other old extinct species. kids are into dragons and gryphons and stuff in the same way that kids are into dinosaurs. they're a cool thing that used to exist. there are absolutely fake fossil recreations of these creatures. just, imagine the entire field of paleontology and how funny it is when they get something Incorrect and add magic creatures to it. what ends up happening is that the world is bascially the exact same as our current one but magical wizard was a genuine profession somebody had and everybody responds to that information with a thumbs up.

none of this is consequential to anything and you don't need to know any of this to understand what's going on. it's general background radiation. i just think it's cool.