the guys

isak bauer

add. artwork by wingwong

it's him! the titular gay schizo! incredibly knowledgable about plants and biology and little else. met vincent through tutoring his sister. heavy smoker. likes to paint because it's something to do. if you ask him about his childhood he will say "it was fine". (he was neglected. nobody tell him) surprisingly good at cooking. masochist. a very serious masochist. well versed in self harm. don't worry about it though he's fine. can often be found watching tipping point alone in his dorm in complete darkness. he smells of cigarette smoke and potting soil. his favorite food is charcuterie boards. his favorite drink is smirnoff. although it is closely tied with tea made from a tea bag that has already been used 6 times.

vincent riley

isak's boyfriend. he's gay, but not schizophrenic...well. he's definetly got something going on up there. anyway. he's a film student. he makes student films with his friends grainger and sokka. he's in charge of the editing and cinematography. his ass just loves to use cameras. thinks dragons are REALLY cool. owns a sega mega drive. he doesn't listen to aphex twin, but if he did he would really like it. would probably be diagnosed with a sex disorder if he believed psychiatry was real. he smells of coffee and vinegar. his favorite food is strauben. his favorite drink is cream soda.

skit riley

add. artwork by kenny, hedgii, and devilkinz

vincent's sister. she fucking suuuuuuuuuucks. forgets that school is an institution in which you are supposed to learn. went into biology because she thought the word looked "cute" and "bubbly". loves to throw parties at her dorm. loves to never tell vincent until an hour before that she is throwing a party at their dorm. well liked by people who do not have her in their class. hangs around isak because she gets really good grades when she copies his work. made isak "tutor" her because she thought she could hit it. -youtuber voice- shocked to discover he is gay and is now dating her brother! she smells of air freshener and fake chocolate. her favorite food is chinese takeaway pizza. her favorite drink is wine and coke.

kimmy hill

add. artwork by fango, kenny, and badger

isak's lab partner. transfer student from america. studying to become a chemical engineer. blunt, matter of fact kind of person. everybody always thinks she is mad in every conversation when in actuality she just looks like that. imbued with the spirit of an open world adventure game protagonist, and manages to always, somehow, get herself into buildings and locations she should not be. her favorite spot is the roof of the lab building. enjoys arson more than most people. she smells of sulfur and incense. her favorite food is mushroom dijon. her favorite drink is pomegranate juice.